Lucid Labs Cipher USB-DMX interface Quick Start Guide

Note:  If you would like to use our interface with software other than Freestyler the process for connecting your interface will be similar.  Complete Steps 1 and 2, then follow the instructions on the other software for setup.  At this point we are trying to get our interface added to the setup options for a number of other programs but for the time being you will have to select Enttec Open DMX when it asks you what USB-DMX interface you are using.  Our interfaces are compatible with any software that works with the Enttec Open DMX interface.

Step 1:

Download the FTDI virtual COM port drivers HERE

If you already have these installed you can skip this step

Step 2:

Once you have the drivers installed you can connect your computer to the USB-DMX interface with a USB cable.  You can double check that this is installed correctly by going to the device manager (right-click on computer, click manage, and then select device manager in the computer management screen).  Under Ports (COM & LPT) it should show up as a USB serial COM port if it is correctly connected

Step 3: 

Install and open DMX freestyler.  Freestyler is available as a free download HERE

Open DMX Freestyler.  First you need to tell freestyler what kind of DMX interface you are using.  To do this, after openin DMX freestyler go to Setup-Freestyler Setup at the top of the page.  Next you will be prompted to select your DMX interface.  

We are working on getting the Lucid Labs Cipher Interfaces added to the menu in DMX Freestyler but at this point it has not been so you will have to select Enttec open DMX like in the picture above.  Then make sure FT232R USB UART is selected as well.  If FT232R USB UART isn't available as a choice then it means DMX freestyler isn't recognizing your interface as connected.  This will often happen if the USB intierface isn't fully connected before turning on Freestyler.  Closing out of Freestyler and Re-opening the program will solve this issue.

Step 4:

Steup Fixtures and begin controlling DMX lighting.  There are a TON of great Youtube tutorials on setting up light fixtures and getting started using freestyler.  We were going to make some tutorials but the ones out there are really quite good so we'll just link you to some of our favorites.

Note:  For those of you using QLC plus with Apple products on later OS versions please check this link