Lucid Labs CMOY Headphone amplifiers are made in the USA using audiophile components.  Other CMOY amps available on the market feature cheaper components. 


Why use a headphone amplifier?

Just the way a nice pair of loudspeakers needs a quality amplifier to sound their best headphone's also need quality amplification to sound their best.  The output power coming from most devices is inadequate to power larger hifi headphones.  As a result plugging hifi headphones directly into these devices will yield underwhelming, flat-sounding audio.  The good news is this can easily be fixed by using a headphone amplifier power levels needed to power larger hifi headphones.  Using a headphone amplifier will not only allow you to listen at increased volume levels but will provide you with much more dynamic, full sounding audio.


  • ALPS RK0971221Z05 Potentiometer with built in on/off switch.  These high-quality, Japanese made potentiometers feature smooth, noise free operation. 
  • TLE2426 Rail Splitter chip for stable power supply.  Lucid Labs CMOY amps are stable for headphones from 30-300ohms.
  • Vishay Low Tolerance Resistors
  • Panasonic Film Capacitors
  • NJM4556 High Current op amp, features exceptionally low noise and distortion values
  • 8 Pin DIP socket, makes swapping op amps easy for users that want to try out other dual op amps.
  • High quality custom made PCBs
  • Available in 8 different tin varieties
  • Made in the USA, every single amp is tested

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User Reviews

Incredible little amp, well-built is an understatement, super clean and clear sound, no hiss or noise and plenty of volume, couldn’t ask for more in a headphone amp. Ended up picking up more of these to give as gifts and they are loved by everyone that got one.

Large selection of tins to choose from and the items were received extremely fast.
— Amazon User "Michael Hannan"

For the price this little thing cranks. Overall audio is warm and clear no oscillation from the op-amp. Start with a good clean source with high quality audio format and you will not be disappointed. Better than a lot of CMOYs out there and I like the lack of “features” I don’t need bass boost or eq etc. Drives some serious headphones like a champ.
— Amazon User "Brick"

I received my amp on time, properly wrapped and in great condition. I use it to drive AKG k240 Studio headphones (55 ohms) with a Sony Walkman as the music source. Because the Sony has two custom equalizer settings, there is no need for the bass boost offered by some companies. This amp from Lucid Labs, forces my AKGs to reveal their true potential and I am not simply talking about volume. I have found my music is fuller, bass is tighter and the highs are crisp and hidden instrument revealed. In short, it is as if a veil has been lifted.
— Amazon User "Dar-Man"

I am very satisfied with this quality product. Of more importance was the exemplary customer service provided by the vendor. Even though there was a slight delay in the delivery I was fully informed of the situation and provided regular updates. I was even given the option of cancelling the sale and receiving a refund. I’m glad I was patient because this, “curiously strong” headphone amplifier is the shizzit and the bizzomb!
— Amazon User "John J. Travers"

The seller is professional and provides awesome customer service. If Q from James Bond were to build one of these, this is what it would look like.
— Tindie User "BrianPeebles"

I was pleasantly surprised. For the price-point I wasn’t expecting too much, but it drives my Sennhieser HD 600 with no problem at all. After listening to a few of my favorite albums it delivers all the fidelity I could ask for. Of course the first thing my friends notice is the tin, but that’s cool too. Thanks for a quality product.
— Tindie User "eclal1949"