Objective 2 (O2) Headphone Amplifier

Designed by NWAVGUY.COM the O2 is famous for its no bull approach to audio design.  Check out project info at the nwavguy.com blog.

Brand New Professionally Built Objective 2 (O2) headphone amplifier with 16v 1000ma AC power supply and 2x nimh 9v batteries installed.  

Often overlooked, many amps featured high output impedances resulting in poor audio reproduction, the O2 has an extremely low 0.54 ohm output impedance resulting in superior performance with any headphones.

Designed by the famous nwavguy.com this amp truly is the best value in headphone amplifiers.  Works great with headphones from 16ohms all the way to 600 ohms.  These amplifiers feature extremely low distortion and high current output capabilities.  A built in battery charging circuit along with two pre-installed rechargeable 9v batteries make this amp a great portable option for audiophiles


  • Frequency Response+/- 0.1 dB Excellent

  • THD 1 Khz 150 Ohms0.0016% Excellent

  • THD 1 Khz 15 Ohms0.0023% Excellent

  • THD 20 hz 15 Ohms0.0023% Excellent

  • THD 20 Khz 15 Ohms0.010% Excellent

  • IMD CCIF 15 Ohms0.001% Excellent

  • IMD SMPTE0.002% Excellent

  • Noise (ref 400 mV)-105 dB Excellent

  • Max Output 15 Ohms337 mW Excellent

  • Max Output 33 Ohms613 mW Excellent

  • Max Output 150 Ohms355 mW Excellent

  • Output Impedance0.54 Ohms Excellent

  • Crosstalk 15 Ohms65 dB Excellent

  • Channel Balance0.6 dB Excellent

  • Battery Life~8 hours / ~30 hours

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