What is DMX lighting control?

Have a Lucid Labs Cipher USB-DMX interface and want some help getting started? Check out our Quick Start Guide

  • DMX stands for digital multiplex and is the industry standard for lighting and stage effects.
  • Using a DMX interface and a lighting control program allows you to control intelligent lighting that can range from simply dimming and color changes, to more advanced features such as movement,fog, and other stage effects. 
  • Originally designed for stage lighting control, the protocol has now reached far from the stage.  You can run everything from Holiday lights to architectural lighting inside and outside of buildings.


Cipher Professional: USB-DMX Interface 

Cipher Professional: USB-DMX Interface 

Cipher Lite: USB-DMX Interface

Cipher Lite: USB-DMX Interface

Cipher Professional USB-DMX Interface

  • Allows control of 512 channels of DMX lighting
  • Fully isolated circuit, computer is protected from surges
  • Heavy duty, powder coated Aluminum enclosure stands up to harsh environments and abuse
  • USB 2.0 to DMX 3 Pin Interface

Cipher Lite USB-DMX interface

  • Allows control of 512 channels of DMX lighting
  • Laser Cut acrylic enclosure
  • USB 2.0 to DMX 3 pin Interface

Sample Uses

Band Stage lighting

The Lucid Labs USB-DMX interfaces were actually developed when one of our founders was running the lights for a friends band.  We found setting up and running lights using a traditional control board to be such a tedious, aggravating task that we developed a new solution utilizing existing DMX control software.  Setup times went from hours to minutes and the quality of lighting effects went up dramatically.  Did we mention our interfaces are much cheaper than even low end analog lighting control boards?  

An example of what you can do with a Lucid Labs USB-DMX interface , dmx freestyler, and 3 multicolor DMX lights https://www.facebook.com/LucidLightingSystems?ref=hl for more information

One of our very first tests of the USB-DMX prototype, we were up and running in minutes, not hours

Architectural Lighting

Spice up the look of your home or business with DMX lighting.  Possibilities range from subtle color-changing under cabinet lighting to full, nighclub style lighting effects.  Check out some of the possibilities below.


Placing a RGB LED strip on the back of your TV is a quick and easy way to spice up the look of your home entertainment center.  Whether its mood lighting, festive colors during the holliday season or your favorite teams colors on gameday installation is quick and easy.  Also with the Freestyler remote app for iOS and Android you can control the lights from your phone or tablet.

Under cabinet lighting controlled by one of our USB-DMX interfaces transforms your kitchen with the click of a mouse, or even a button on your smart phone.  RGB LED strips with adhesive backing are easy to install and can be programmed to do anything from emitting dimmable white light to sequenced color changes.  

Professional Applications

Using Lucid Labs USB-DMX converts and 85 different light fixtures this sequence was programmed for a local night club by none other than Lucid Labs.  This is a prime example of just how expandable DMX lighting is, from 1 fixture to hundreds with only a bit of extra programming.

Tired of messing around with gels for your photo and video lights? Use our interface with a couple RGB LED lights to recreate any hue in almost any saturation. Lighting software allows you to choose from thousands of colors and our interface is fast enough to recreate those perfectly in real time. Along with color, intensity is also easily achieved allowing for even greater control over your lighting no matter what your subject is.