Update: 8/3/2015

Still under construction but I hope to have everything up by Wed 8/6/2015

Note: If you purchased a DAC pre-installed on a Raspberry Pi 2- Model B then most of this has already been done for you.  The sd card has volumio preinstalled and all settings are ready to go.  Just check out the Volumio Quickstart guide for info on how to get started using volumio.  

Items you will need: 

-Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

-Class 10 micro sd Card

-USB Power supply (Not Included) Example here I recommend getting a 5V-2A model and in general I recommend supplies with UL or equivalent certifications 

-Audio Cable (Not Included)-The Lucid Labs Raspberry Pi DACs have RCA connectors


Volumio.org Quickstart Guide

Volumio.org  has excellent instructions that will take you from flashing a micro sd card and loading it all the way to getting started with volumio and playing music Here

One you have completed the Volumio Quickstart guide you need to enable the Lucid Labs Raspberry Pi DAC audio interface.


Enabling your Lucid Labs Raspberry Pi DAC audio interface


Setting up NAS storage locations

If you want to play files from NAS locations this video will show you how to mount NAS storage in Volumio